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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
Big Mac,

That is not "my" logic. It is a proven fact, matter of fact it's straight fact.

Other than those reasons, as far as I'm concerned people can make just as much a jackass out of themselves with smoking pot as they can with alcohol abuse.

As regards mind altering experiences, there are many ways to accomplish that. Being stoned on pot and pulling a firearm on a law enforcement officer is but one way of achieving that result.
I dont see what the conection between smoking pot and pulling a gun on law enforcement is?I couldnt imagine just because you smoke some pot that it would make you pull a gun on anyone.And I couldnt imagine if pot was legalized that there would all of a sudden be a huge increase in people driving stone.If you really think about it that doesnt make any sence,It seems to me a lot of the arguments against leaglizeinng pot are really good arguments for legalizing it.
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