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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
Big Mac,

That is not "my" logic. It is a proven fact, matter of fact it's straight fact.

Other than those reasons, as far as I'm concerned people can make just as much a jackass out of themselves with smoking pot as they can with alcohol abuse.

As regards mind altering experiences, there are many ways to accomplish that. Being stoned on pot and pulling a firearm on a law enforcement officer is but one way of achieving that result.
What does smoking pot and pulling a gun on anybody have to do with one another! Are you saying that if you smoke pot you are more likely to do such a dumb thing? Lets stop for a minute and think about this .There are probaly alot and I mean alot of people out there everyday making the personal chose to smoke pot everyday.So I really dont feel that if it was legal there would be a huge increase in people pulling guns on people and a huge increase in the amount of traffic accidents.And the amount of pot smoking related accidents would never come close to the number of alcohol related accidents.Oh thats right but the good old boys like to have a drink once in a while so thats legal! I wonder if the good ole boys liked a liitle smoke once in a while how long it would take to become legal? And like I said before I would not care if someone smoked pot on a cruise ship I could really care less. I mean you have to put up with people getting drunk.
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