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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post
As I have said professionally and personally at least five thousand times (and not only drug counselors but the overwhelming number of physicians will agree with me).

While certainly all pot smokers don't become drug addicts, most drug addicts begin their additive habit with pot. So, why take the chance. Oh, in case you think I'm not and contrary to many who use the drug deny it, pot can be very addictive. Proven fact.

Personally, I don't care one way or another except that the increase in intoxicated drivers would be nothing short of astronomical simply because many don't believe that pot alters their behavior and their reflexes to such an extent (but don't drink that much if at all because they worry about DUI/DWI). Problem is that such an assumption also is completely false.
You make statements that are based on your perceptions but they are not fact.

Now that modern studies have come out revealing that the link between pot usage and harder drug usage is not there. Pot is not a gateway drug anymore than alcohol. It is simply the fact that pot has only been available from drug dealers. In the many states where pot is legal now there has been NO correlation.

No MJ user advocates for anyone driving on any type of medication or drug! Having said this, pot is radically different from alcohol. THC the substance that make people "high" metabolizes rapidly in the body. Because of this a person that say, smoke pot at 6 PM will be free from the effects of the drug by 9PM. Not so with alcohol.

In addition, studies have been done that show that under the influence of MJ users actually drive better than those under the influnce of alcohol:


Just the facts.
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