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I end my participation on this thread with the following (since everyone is throwing around "facts") that I've yet to read.

Everyone has an opinion and they're not going to change it, especially if they use or support the use of marijuana. Nevertheless, throughout this thread, the word "facts" has been used extensively

1. According to the The National Association for Drug Abuse, long term use of mariuana can lead to addiction).

2. 16% of all fatal traffic accidents involved the use of THC (the main drug ingredient of marijuana).

3. 18% of all traffic deaths involved the use of combined drugs (i.e.: cocaine and marijuana).

Draw your own conclusions and live your own lifestyle. I only ask that you not try to make make your point by getting behind the wheel. Many infants died in those wrecks, innocent of anything.

This fact is that almost 20% of most traffic fatalities involoved the use of drugs combined with marijuana itself were involved in 16% of those deaths alone.

If you want to get high On THC, alcohol or whatever on a cruise ship and then go overboard, be my guest. Who cares? I don't. Just do everyone a favor and insure you have insurance to cover the expenses if they find your body. It's only fair to your family or those responsible for your expenses.
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