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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
DH.. I don't agree with you at all! ... it is, after all a cruise message board, and the topic of the original poster was pot smoking on cruise ships.

So, Bruce's post was right on point, and on topic.

I think sometimes we in North America are either naive or self indulgent to think the rest of the world would run by the same rules, or even mores, that we do.

In fact I think generally North Americans have a much too narrow view of the world.

And since there's not even a majority opinion here, not sure why anyone think the entire world just accept the rules you would like to see apply here, apply anywhere else.
Ok calling a discussion on a thread pointless was on topic. And I dont recall saying that I thought the entire world should just accept the rules that I would like to be applied here.Or maybe I missed something.I dont really care if pot is legal or not and I dont really care if people smoke it on cruise ships>It doesnt effect me one way or another.It just seems to me calling a thread pointless is a little naive and self indulgent
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