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Originally Posted by biggin View Post
I'm new to this site.Just wanting to know if anyone is going on the ecstacy sept. 15 2012. This will be my first cruise. I am so excited but need a little advice especially about the sail and ship account. If i pay in cash do I wait until the end of the cruise to pay? If i use my credit card for ship and sail account can I still take the card with me on the islands. In other words will I still be able to have the card in my possession and be able to use it on the islands. I guess I should take the limit of my card at the bank. Seeing how i can not use over 500 dollars a day on my card. I would appeciate any advice I could get. Thanks
If you pay in cash you have to go to guest services as soon as you board and put the cash down, the sooner the better as the line gets long very fast. Yes you can take your credit card with you to ports they don't actually hold it, they just keep the number on file. I'm thinking you have a debit card since it has a daily limit. If it's like mine, it will have a cash limit (atm) and then a POS limit which is normally quite a bit higher, everything that you charge through the ship will be charged under the POS even the casino, it's billed as entertainment. The only time it would be against your cash limit is if you used the atm on board which is pricey.

A little trick that one of the casino guys taught me when I forgot to bring cash for port days was to insert my card into a slot machine, charge to my sign and sale, just make 3 or 4 spins and then cash out to card, then go to the cash cage and cash out, that way there wasn't a fee to get cash. Not the best way to do it but I hate ATM fees so it saved my butt that time.

Hope it helps and enjoy your cruise

loves to cruise!

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