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Originally Posted by biggin View Post
I'm new to this site.Just wanting to know if anyone is going on the ecstacy sept. 15 2012. This will be my first cruise. I am so excited but need a little advice especially about the sail and ship account. If i pay in cash do I wait until the end of the cruise to pay? If i use my credit card for ship and sail account can I still take the card with me on the islands. In other words will I still be able to have the card in my possession and be able to use it on the islands. I guess I should take the limit of my card at the bank. Seeing how i can not use over 500 dollars a day on my card. I would appeciate any advice I could get. Thanks
What a great first cruise biggin, I love that ship! To add a bit more info, the first charge on your sign and sail account will be the tips for the staff at 11.50 per day per person, so about $120 if there are two of you sailing. After that what you spend is up to you, only alcohol and shopping, plus any casino play you charge on your S/S account. Your meals are included in your cruise fare so no charges for those. Room service is also included, bring some $1 bills to tip $1-2 to your room service servers, or any extra tips for staff if you wish to tip extra.

On Half Moon, only drinks and shopping are extra cost, there is a bbq lunch provided by the ship on the island that is already paid for, and the most beautiful beach in the world is there

We prefer to bring cash for the ports to avoid using the card outside the US, you can figure out what you will be doing/eating onshore/shopping and bring cash for that along with the card only as back-up for unexpected spending.

All the entertainment on board is included, you pay extra for bingo and that's all I can think of...

It's the best vacation ever, welcome to our addiction! Please come back and tell us all about it!!
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