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Good ship to start with, my favorite, been on her twice.
If you use a credit card or debit card, there is a "hold" placed on it that will not be removed until a week or two after the cruise, even though your final bill may say it's paid. So, use of your card might be limited after the cruise, if you happen to have a low credit limit. When you board, go to guest services, give them cash in your chosen amount, say $500. That will cover your tips and on board spending without affecting the credit card. If you don't spend it all on board, you will get a check back the last night for your balance. For the casino, I like slots. I put cash into the machines to play, so I don't draw off my account. If you should win, that amount can be cashed out from the receipt you'll get. I like to go a cash system, then no after the cruise expenses, already "paid in full".
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