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Default Cruiser be aware of hidden dangers

National Geographic Traveler August - September issue had an article about a couple of things which can prove valuable to first time cruisemates.

The first item was about making sure your proper name was on the ticket. The woman mentioned in the article didn't notice it but the name on the ticket was to be her married name not her maiden name. She was to married on the trip as I recall. The airline said it did matter that the married name was on the ticket and since it was not her legal name she would have to pay for a ticket with her legal name. She did because she didn't have a minister or ship captain available. This may sound trivial but it proves the point make sure your correct name is on the ticket. I have been receiving mailings from a cruise company with my name incorrectly spelled. I was not only upset that they would make this error, but I figure this kind of simple problem could mulltiply especially when you are dealing with TSA. My travel agent said he had straigthetened it out, which brings me to the second warning don't take your travel agent's word that all of the paperwork is filled out properly. TAs are busy people and they sometimes miss something.

Finally, the article contained a story about a woman who was renting a house and paid via internet $3800 to a person who supposedly was the owner of the house. Here's the twist in the story somehow the crook was able to use the real owner's email address to get the money and get away with the crime. The final comment of the woman was I wish I had used a credit card. Good advice but to late for her but not for you.

There's more in this National Geographic article but I felt these were appropriate for cruisemates
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