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Default Carnival Glory Review

I just did a B2B on the Carnival Glory and finished my review. I've never been able to post it here on CruiseMates as the format would not work. I think with our new vB-version I can post it in a serial form...perhaps it will not be perfect and probably still too long for complete, but we will try:

For clean version:

Carnival Glory Review

Carnival Glory Review
7.13.12 & 7.20.12 Sailings

Just The Facts:
Ship: Carnival Glory
16 July through 26 July, 2012... Back to Back Cruises
Captain: Salvatore Rassello
Cruise Director: Josh ‘Big Sexy’ Waitzman
Ports: Boston,MA- Saint John, New Brunswick- Halifax, Nova Scotia
Weather: Good all week

This review is for two 5-day cruises on The Carnival Glory. This was my 31st and 32nd Carnival cruises, 73rd & 74th overall, 3rd & 4th time on the Carnival Glory, but my first time to sail from Boston and this itinerary. I am traveling solo on the 7/13 and the following cruise 7/20 for a B2B, but have some good cruise friends on board for the first sailing.

Day One--Monday--Travel--Embarkation

A very long travel day starts with a 3:30 am wake up to finalize packing and loading as I have a 5:30 am check-in at the Waco regional airport. I was away just a little after 4:00 am for the hour drive to Waco. I arrived in good time and check-in had begun by the time I arrived at the terminal from long term (free) parking. A simple connection and a nice flight to DFW for the 8:10 am flight to Boston’s Logan airport. Our flight flew right over NYC and you could clearly see the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, Manhattan Island, Brooklyn, Long Island, and even the Statue of Liberty although it was very small from that altitude. Still very interesting to see. Just a few more minutes to Boston and when we approached Logan airport we flew just above the Carnival Glory docked in the harbor. They have free bus service from Logan this month and I had some detailed instructions so I thought I’d try it. I found the bus pick up and did fairly well although I got off one stop early at the transfer point, (there was two stops for the World Trade Center-one above and outside and one a level below street level) but soon figured out my error. The final bus drives directly in front of and drops you just a block from the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal. It was a simple process and would have taken less than 30 minutes without my mistake, but still only took 45 minutes. The price was certainly right. This put my arrival at the terminal at about 2:00 pm. There was a long line for people to check their bags with the porters, but I had a smaller bag so bypassed that process. Once past the guard who wanted me to check my bag (I didn’t) it went very quick. I went through security (the bag fit the scanner just fine) then used the VIP check in line and was processed straight away. Carnival has a brand new VIFP rewards system and after having received a ‘white’ card for the previous six cruises it did seem a bit of a let down to get the ‘platinum’ card once again. I’ll be noting some of the changes to the program on this cruise review. From off the bus to the lobby took less than 20 minutes and I then went straight to my cabin to drop my bags. It was easy to get to my cabin as I was only one level below the lobby area. It was a relief to settle in and refresh as it was a hot day in Boston and I was tired from the long trip. I did want to eat before they closed the Lido buffet for boat drill so I sample the roast beef as I always do on the first day of the buffet and it was only fair. My primary late lunch was the Mongolian Grill and it was very good as usual then the Mango Mousse and the Dulce de Leche cheesecake for dessert. It was now nap time and my interior cabin is ideal for that. I napped until the numerous announcements about boat drill that began about 4:45. For sail away I invited myself to my friends balcony as we sailed from Boston. It was located far forward on starboard side just below the wings of the navigational bridge, in fact we waved at the harbor pilot and ships officers, who return the wave. It was interesting sailing directly below the approach flight path to Logan airport. I have ‘Anytime’ dining on this cruise and I met my friends for dinner about 7:15 or so. There was a fair line for seating but it moved fairly quickly. Once we reached the MD station a few well placed suggestions to the MaitreD about Diamond VIFP’s having to wait was quickly addressed. Alwyn and Desmond arranged to have a 4-top table next to a window standing ready for our party for the balance of the trip. Dinner was very good. I had the Pasta with Marinara sauce as a starter and two entrees: Shrimp with Sweet & Sour Sauce and the Sliced Beef Brisket. All were very good. The Welcome Show was scheduled for 10:15, but being knowing I could see it later on the ship TV and being so tired from the LONG day I retired to the cabin following dinner.

Day Two--Tuesday--at Sea

The water is dead calm and it’s a bit hazy this morning. I had a great nights sleep and didn’t get around until 9:00 am.. I went to the MDR for my usual first morning on a Carnival ship breakfast of Eggs Benedict, Bacon, Hash Browns, Melon, Pastry, Tomato Juice, and Milk. It was all very good a good sign for breakfasts this week. After breakfast I explored the ship and visited most of the public rooms. They do have Thirsty Frog beer on draught at the lobby and sports bars. Good to locate that right away. I had some cabin time and worked on this review from the lobby area on deck 3. I am very used to an aft cabin, but think I think I can make this work very well. I had a late light lunch at the Fish & Chips on deck ten then attended the Glory Murder Mystery in the Amber Palace Theater. They will have a murder mystery fun event during the course of the cruise, that’s something new so I will try to participate. The water is still very calm, but the haze became a fog by early evening. I met my friends at 6:30 for dinner. I am very glad that we made prior arrangements for a standing table as there was a very long line for the dining room. I guess everyone wanted the Captains night special dinner. We entered from upstairs as previously arranged and the Maitre’d Desmond seated us immediately. Sweet. Our waitress tonight was Monica and she did a great job. I ordered the Pasta Carbonara, White Stuffed Mushrooms, Shrimp Cocktail, Prime Rib with Baked Potato, and Fruit Plate. Others ordered the Lobster, Pumpkin Soup, and Strawberry Bisque. Lot’s of good selections tonight and all were very good. After dinner we attended the late production show Just Rock in the Amber Palace Theater. It featured some great music from the early days of Rock&Roll and some pop as well. The productions singers were very good and the dancers and costumes were wonderful. A very high energy show. There were a lot of activities on the ship...something for everyone I would say. Following the show my friends saw the late night adult comedy show in the Ebony Cabaret, but I retired early after a short walk around the ship. It was a wonderful FUN day on the Carnival Glory.

Day Three--Wednesday—St John, New Brunswick, Canada

Village of St. Martins, New Brunswick Fog very early, but soon it was beautiful weather in St John this day. I had a very nice MDR breakfast in the Platinum dining room as we sailed into St John harbor. The Disney Magic is already docked and we were as well by the scheduled time of 8:00 am. We left the ship and met a local friend who happens to operate a business, Distant Waters, directly across the street from the cruise terminal. She loaned us her car for the day (how great) so we drove up the coast to the St. Martins area and the Bay of Fundy Trail. St. Martins is a very small fishing village with a pair of covered bridges and very near the famous caves created by the extreme tides in the Bay of Fundy, approximately 60 feet every 12 hours. At low tide you can walk to the caves and at high tide they are covered by water. We drove the Fundy Trail, a National Park Trail, taking in the coastal sights and even a waterfall then returned to the Caves overlook restaurants for lunch. We all had the special of the day: Lobster roll and a Moosehead draught beer. The lobster roll was fantastic, one of the best I can remember. We returned to St John and returned the car and visited with our cruise friend (Thanks so much!) then went down to Steamers Lobster Company just across from the cruise terminal for some beers and to take advantage of the free Wifi. In addition to the Alpine beer I had to take advantage of the opportunity to have another Lobster roll. It was good, but not as the one early in the day. We boarded the ship about 3:30 and I was off to the cabin shower before the ship activities. BTW--because of the extreme tides we debarked on deck 3 not deck zero as usual in a port. The VIFP Party was held in the Ebony Cabaret at 4:30. This was the first I have attended since the new past guest program was introduced just a few weeks ago. There was a big difference with no blue and red cards in attendance, I’d estimate there were 120-150 people at most. There certainly was an effort by Carnival to make the party different & special. The live band opened with a few numbers, they had some audience participation with a conga line & some new dance steps, the complimentary drinks and appetizers were plentiful, they showed the usual film with all the old & new Carnival ships, and my friends were recognized as the only Diamonds on board. Josh, the CD did his part to make it special. It was different and an improvement, but It will be interesting to see how long this level of commitment is maintained. I enjoyed the Fun Ship Specials from the party and spent some time in the casino and the sports bar before dinner. Dinner was again good and since I basically had two lunches I ordered light: just the French Onion Soup and the Seafood Pasta. The productions show tonight was ‘The Magic and Dance of Justin Illusion’ in the Amber Palace Theater. Then late they had Superstar Live in the Ebony Cabaret. There were a lot of other interesting activities such as: Bingo, Latin Fiesta, Romantic Dance, Sing-Along in the Piano Bar, and more.
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