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Default Carnival Glory Review

Day Four--Thursday—Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

It rained overnight, but weather cleared and it was a beautiful day. I was up early and prepared a laundry order for my cabin steward before going to the MDR for breakfast. I had to send back my eggs, they were very over cooked, but the waiter made it right. We arrived a little late into Halifax but was docked a little after the 9:00 am scheduled arrival. We actually debarked on deck 3 and deck it was very convenient for me on deck two. My plans for the day was to enjoy the waterfront and the Tall Ship Festival fortunately scheduled for Halifax that day. The cruise pier is a great facility located right on one end of the Halifax waterfront, soon I met my friends just off the ship and we started down the waterfront. There are nice shops, restaurants, monuments, and interesting attractions all along the waterfront. Soon we came to the first tall ship, the Peacemaker. Then another and another, all very interesting. We did sail on the tall ship Silva for a nice harbor cruise. It was great seeing the tall ships from the water side as well as a great view of our cruise ship and the harbor. After the cruise we had a very nice lunch (and free Wifi) at Salty’s a famous Halifax eatery right on the waterfront. I ordered a scallop plate and it was wonderful. In two days I met two of my culinary goals for this cruise: a good Lobster Roll and some Digby Scallops. After lunch we saw more Tall Ships such as the Roseway, Unicorn, Pride of Baltimore, CSS Acadia, Lynx, USS Providence, and HMS Bounty. We even took the ferry across the harbor to Dartmouth for additional interesting views of the harbor. Most of the day was gone and we had not even visited two of the best sites in Halifax: The Historic Citadel, and the Maritime Atlantic Museum. We did hear the noon cannon fired from the Citadel. There were many 1812 era reenactors all along the waterfront, I enjoyed them having previously been one myself in younger days. Dinner tonight was good. I ordered the Tom Ka Gai soup, Beef Stroganoff, Pork Tenderloin and Tiramisu & a Fruit Plate for dessert. Tonight was the Mega Promenade Fun Hop with the late night Mexican buffet. After a long day though I had some cabin time and relaxed.

Day Five--Friday—at Sea

A great night at sea, very smooth sailing. I usually leave the TV on in the cabin on the navigational channel overnight as a night light, for ships position, and ships time. When I looked at it very early this morning it indicated that we were heading northeast, that’s opposite what we should be doing. About an hour later I found out why when they announced that we had a medical issue and we would be having an air/sea rescue. About 8:30 am a helicopter rescued the patient using the aft area of deck ten as a staging point for the lifts up to the helicopter. I had never witnessed one before and it was interesting to see first hand. The crew did a very good job as did the Canadian rescue crew. After the rescue I met my friends for a MDR breakfast. We needed to use the new breakfast drink vouchers that the Platinum guests receive in the new VIFP program. The dining room was absolutely packed, the line stretched beyond the lobby & elevators to the stairwell. They had to get help from the buffet area because of the MDR demand. We got seated, got our Bloody Marys, and got a great breakfast. I casually roamed the ship this morning after the excitement and long breakfast. It’s somewhat cool I guess, the staff are wearing jackets, but I find it very pleasant weather. I had the Mongolian Grill for lunch, a much longer line today from the first day before anyone had discovered it then cabin time and clean up before meeting the Captain. My friends were the only Diamonds on board and they are allowed to invite one guest so I was able to accompany them to an invitation to Tea hosted by Captain Rassello on the Bridge. This is a part of the new VIFP program. We met Sebastian Emura at the Guest Services desk and he took us to the Bridge to meet the Captain and staff Captain. The Bridge is cool for sure and the view is so good from there...we did see a whale at a distance. They served tea and coffee and some light cakes. It was very casual and very nice with just the three of us and three ships officers. We took several photos and the ships photographer also took a photo that the Captain signed and gave to us. After tea time at watched JJ the solo guitarist performing in the lobby area. He was good. I’m a fan of Timmy Pierce and Will Marion (now on the Breeze) and made a point to catch him again when I could hear more music. While listening to JJ I could see the huge lines forming for AnyTime dining in the lobby. It make me appreciate the special table set aside for us in the dining room. Dinner was very good tonight, I ordered the New England Crab Cake, Panko Crusted Jumbo Shrimp, and the Prime Rib of Beef with Gran Mariner Souffle for desert. It was good bye to Monica and crew as I will be eating in the Platinum dining room on the next cruise. After dinner I attended the production show Livin’ In America. It was fantastic, I’d seen it before, but still really enjoyed seeing the show again, lot’s of action and the dance costumes are very interesting. Not needing to pack I could stay out later tonight so I did get to go see JJ perform for a full set. I’ll have to add him to my favorites.

Day Six (1st day of 2nd Cruise)--Saturday--Boston, Massachusetts

I tried to sleep, but announcements began fairly early this morning. I went down to the MDR for breakfast as they were already calling various decks for debarkation. After breakfast I went back to the cabin to pack since I have to change cabins and finished that by 9:30 am. I went to deck three to use the telephone and wait for guest services since I was to be there at 10:00 for my B2B. They have a very efficient debark and had everyone off before 10:00 other than a few stragglers. Evidently customs is a very easy process in Boston and they only take your Customs Declaration card with no ID checking. I was the only B2B guest this cruise and all I had to do was walk to the end of the gangway and give them my card and go right back on the ship. Didn’t actually have to set foot on the ground....very easy. I then returned to my cabin to move my bags to the new cabin and they were already gone. I then went up to my new cabin on deck seven and the cabin was ready for me with my bags inside. Thank you Carnival Glory guest services and housekeeping departments. Easiest B2B ever. I settled in to my new cabin then went down to guest services to get my new Sail Card at 11:00 am. when the computers reset for the new guests. I also got to visit with a lot of crew and observe operations for the brief time that I was the ONLY passenger on board. Right at 11:00 I noticed new guests coming aboard so I went to the Platinum/Diamond window and voila my new card was ready and I’m all set for the new cruise. I now went upstairs to the Red Sail (lido deck buffet) for lunch before it would get busy. I actually was the first through the Mongolian Grill and it was very good-as always. I stayed on Lido deck for desert and to use the telephone while I had coverage. I did talk to the DW and talk her through the process of how to boot the internet network modem as she had lost internet service on the ranch. We use satellite in the rural areas just as on the cruise ship. And I thought she was mad & ignoring me the past few days (). After lunch I went down to deck three to drink a Thirsty Frog Red, listen to JJ, and watch passengers board. Very interesting observing people coming on the ship. I went back to the cabin to finish my comments for the previous cruise and get ready for Safety Drill that began about 4:30 pm. Following the Safety Drill I watched us sail away from Boston from the upper decks. It was a beautiful day to begin a cruise. While watching the deck party and sail away I received a phone call on my cell from Carnival. They asked where I was and thought I had missed the ship. They were surprised to hear that I was on board, but it was confirmed by the background noise of the sail away party. It had to be a mix up with the B2B, but nice that they were concerned that I had missed the ship. I checked out the Serenity Deck area and some other places I had not explored on the first cruise. I actually saw them enforce the adult pool restrictions. Before dinner I went by to hear the band Music Connections in the Blue lounge. I have late seating this cruise in the Platinum Dining room located far aft of the ship. I have a ten top table on the main floor, a good location. For dinner I ordered the Tomato Soup, the Shrimp with Sweet&Sour Sauce, a Chicken Pasta dish and a Fruit Plate for dessert. I skipped the Welcome show (again) and retired after dinner.

Day Seven (2nd day of 2nd Cruise)--Sunday--at Sea
They still have an adult pool & hot tub on the Glory!

Very calm seas and great weather. I went for my usual 1st day breakfast in the MDR this morning. There were two other groups from Texas at the table, unusual on this itinerary. Another great breakfast then I popped into the internet center to get my account extended from previous the $3.95 set up fee and get some bonus minutes. I walked around the ship this morning and the decks are packed with pax taking in the sun. Alwyn introduced me to the Sous Chef yesterday and I happened to see him in the Red Sail while sampling some desserts (Key Lime pie & Cherry Mousse) and asked him about the Chef’s Table. I decided I’d do it and he reserved a space for me on the following evening. I enjoyed some good afternoon movies in the cabin and had some great BLT’s from room service. It actually cooled on deck when I took my early evening walk, but that’s fine with me since I’m escaping the Texas heat. The show band played in the lobby area before dinner. This was again Cruise Elegant night, but truthfully the majority did not dress up and less than half the men wore a jacket. Dinner was again very good, I ordered Pumpkin Soup, White Stuffed Mushrooms, Shrimp Cocktail, Prime Rib with Baked Potato, and Fruit Plate. The chef came by the table to explain about the Chefs Dinner too. After dinner I went to the late showing of Livin’ In America.

Day Eight (3rd day of 2nd Cruise)--Monday--St John, New Brunswick

City Market in Saint John

Very smooth seas overnight and beautiful weather today. I was up, but skipped breakfast as Chef said to eat light today so my plan is to just have an early lunch. I was off the ship about 9:00 am and the plan was to walk around uptown St John. I went to the City Market first then spent some time in Kings Square and the Loyalist Burial Ground. Soon it was time for my early lunch so I went to Billy’s Seafood Market located at the City Market for a Lobster Roll. It was served with a choice of salad, (I had greek) and it was fantastic, best of the trip. After lunch I went through Brunswick Square (an indoor mall), Market Square, and used the Library WiFi to catch up on email. On the Boardwalk I saw a boat coming in and made a query and it goes to the only other area I wanted to see: the Rapids. My timing could not have been better, It was both high tide and I was allowed to join the next tour ($40). We were off on a harbor tour then the rapids that are created when the tides of the Bay of Fundy push back the flow of the St John’s river. Very interesting. I headed back to the ship about 3:15 pm for the 4;00 sailing, it was a FUN day in St John. The VIFP Party was held from 4:30-5:15 so I went to get my complementary Funship Special cocktails. It was the same procedure as the previous cruise. There were no Diamond Members on board so I was senior Platinum guest with my 193 sailing days and got my photograph on stage with the department heads. I then had to get ready for my special Chef’s Table dinner as we were meeting at 6:30 in the lobby. There were 13 guests for the evening and we first went to the very busy galley for champagne and appetizers. We even made a Warm Chocolate Cake from scratch and placed it in the oven. We then went to our private dining area, the Silver Room, located off the Golden Dining room. We enjoyed a wonderful eight course dinner, my favorite being the Wagyn (Kobe beef). I may have a separate review of then dinner. After the 3 hour dinner I saw some of my MDR tablemates on Lido and ended up in the White Heat Disco. Very interesting to see the music change from tunes and music I knew in the earlier hours to more up to date urban music that the younger set enjoyed later in the evening. Certainly felt my age, so a change to the Cinn-A Bar piano bar that had a very lively crowd of sing along folk. A very late night for me getting to the cabin about 1:00 am.
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