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I found this on the internet. It doesn't mean that marijuana is "less dangerous" than sodapop, of course. But, facts are facts.

Active Ingredient:
Soda - sugar, caffeine
Marijuana- THC

Health Risks:
Soda - Obesity, tooth decay, diabetes
Marijuana - Short term impairment, lung trauma if ingested via smoking

Soda - caffeine is an addictive chemical
Marijuana - none, although psychological addiction is common

Soda - Coloring, flavor additives, sweeteners ex-sugar
Marijuana - None

Medical Applications:
Soda - Most doctors recommend none or limited
Marijuana - Effective palliative for cancer-treatment and AIDS-treatment related nausea, glaucoma (reduces pressure in eyes)

Soda - Sold in public schools
Marijuana - Illegal in most states. But widely available in all high schools.
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