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Default So you would try peaceful resolution...

Originally Posted by BigMac View Post
I wouldn't call security for a whiff of weed. Weed made my dads final days livable and helped keep him eating. Even as a recreational drug it's better then alcohol. I grew up in a alcoholic houshold. I used to leave for days at a time to stay with my pothead friends because they were not screaming at each other.
I kinda treat my neighbors on a cruise like I would my neighbors at home.
If they stink the place out I tell them they are blowing it. Security will find them on their own but I don't call anybobdy untill I have beem unable to get a peacfull resolution on my own.
I can see why a cruise wouldnt want to have weed on board. International rules are what they are and they have to operate under those conditions.

That means potheads need to practice discretion or risk going to jail.

I will never be convinced ending prohibition will create more criminals. Those people who operate within the law don't suddenly become outlaws because a law become more relaxed.
If you claim it is a fact, state your source. If I were to make a bold claim in an argument paper I had better be able to state a reputable source. Otherwise it is just conjecture.

Even if laws are more ralaxed here they may not change at our destination ports. Getting locked up in some armpit jail can't be a good vacation.

Let's say you happen to be passing by the smoking section. A young thug is telling his bros a story about Snob Dog and medical marijuana. He petitely holds a joint between his fingers in one hand. You try peaceful resolution and he responds with a barrage of garbled curses. You call for security. He staggers forward and stumbles against you causing you to fall in a crumpled heap under his three houndred pounds. Security comes to the scene. They extract you from under the thug. They put both of you on your feet. They take the joint from the thug - ahh good they are collecting evidence. The thug protests. "Hey that's my medical marijuana and I want it back." I have a medical script see." He fumbles in his wallet. and finally produces a wrinkled card. He then accuses you of being the culprit who caused him to stumble and his bros sing out in unison that he is telling the truth. The Philipino security personnel stand watching until the deck officer and medical officer shows up with clipboards and forms. They look at the prescription form. The medical officer, the deck officer and the scurity personnel huddle. The officer hands the joint back to the thug. The officer takes your name and continues to prepare his report. The doctor asks if you are feeling any pain and you answer that you do not.

Meanwhile a chopper is landing on the ship and the thug is air evacuated to Miami, Florida. You ask why and the doctor responds he complained and we want to make sure he is okay. They don't want to be sued.

The next day after a miserable night filled with pain because you dislocated something you disembark. You go to the emergency ward of the local Miami hospital.
you miss your plane home and the airline wouldn't refund your ticket and your travel insurance wouldn't pay for air fare because the Miami police have a warrant out for you for assault. The thug's attorney also shows up and you find out the thug is suing you for damages to his client.

The local police and they are arrest you for assault - charges brought by thug who is very familiar with justice system. Since you are an out of state resident you have to post a bond or wind up with a handcuff on you in hospital bed. You find out from your Miami lawyer that the assault charge will be dropped; however, you have to get a payment to the lawyer.

Meanwhile, the thug is enjoying his stay in the hospital until he is thrown out for smoking not because he's smoking pot but because the hospital it is a no-smoke hospital.

Your lawyer finds out that the thug's prescription is from a Medicare ripoff doctor who is indicted for multimillion dollar false billing in Florida and fled to Puerto Rico.

Then you decide to sue the cruise line because they allowed this thug to be on board. You find out that the ship is chartered in Panama you will have to use a Panamanian court and appear in this court. When the case comes to trial the security people cannot be located and the ship's officers have been transferred to other ships.

Because of the pain from the fall, and you are now bankrupt, you qualify for medicinal marijuana under the national health plan. No more cruising for you.

Yes and all because you tried peaceful resolution.
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