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Well Peter...

It looks to me like you only read half of my proposal.

I said they can stay in the POOL AREA AS LONG AS THEY WANT - in the pool, hot tub, hot dog stand, whatever, and leave their belongings on their chair as long as they want.

They can come and take a chair and sit freely if a chair is empty - the only time they need to get the verification card is if they want to leave belongings on a chair alone. Then they have to commit to not leaving the pool area for more than 15 minutes, but as long as they are in the area their belongings can stay in the chair all day.

The point is to eliminate the people who claim chairs and then leave the pool area. And I think 40 minutes too long a time to wait to verify their intentions. Furthermore, while a "card/number" system may seem cumbersome, so is the process of taking property of off chairs without any proof at all of who it belongs to - which is what Carnival is proposing now without the card/number system I am proposing.

The bottom line is that people have the right to enjoy anything, but they have to BE THERE enjoying it, they can't stake a claim to a chair they are not using. That is just plain rude.

I think asking people who want to use deck chairs to remain in the pool area (with 15 minute breaks allowed) is perfectly reasonable. Anything longer outside of the pool area and frankly I don't see why they should have the right to keep a prime seat location.

Also you are overlooking a facet of the system I thought was too obvious to even mention - that if you are there with family & friends they can vouch for an empty chair - so most people will not have to worry about the verification system. They only people it will really affect are the people we all want to stop - the "chair hogs" who save chairs in absentia.
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