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Paul: To state that a GUEST has to stay in the pool area is not realistic or reasonable. Haven't you ever gone down to your room to get another book, a pair of forgotten sunglasses, or even to use your own toilet?
The pool area is large. When the new, full-time attendent calls out your number at one end of the pool area and it's not possible to hear, is that fair to the GUEST? And yes, considering the hundreds of people who are at the pool area at any given time and the constant turnover, you would have to have AT LEAST one or more employees there to administer your multi-facited plan. It would be a constant, daily ongoing nightmare to administer and enforce. Remember, new GUESTS arrive on the ship regularly. It's not like you have the same guests on board year round who would fall in line with the plan.
Paul, I'm sure that I poke more holes into your elaborate plan but time does not permit at the moment. Besides, you're a nice guy and I like you and I know from experience that your intentions are noble. The simpler the better and Carnival's plan may work. If not and they go back to the way things were, that's okay too because it's really not that big a deal. It happens in the dining areas, theaters, etc. There is plenty of room for everyone and some people are always going to be disappointed and even angry that they don't have a better seat. So lighten up, mind your own business, find another seat, stop whining, and enjoy yourself. Life and the cruise is too short!
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