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I didn't think you could drive under the influence while on a cruise.

I don't think anybody is sugesting we make driving while impaired by anything legal.

When my dad died he had not used pot for a good long while.
I bet he still tested "posative" becasue of the way the canboids are detected. They remain detectable in some cases more than 60 days after the usage has stopped. I assure you, he wasnt high the whole time.

So I have to ask what the illegal substance was tested in these cases and how were the tests taken. If it is the standard pot test, that will not detect under the unfluence but rather the smoking of in the past. I like to scrutinize details that are handed out

I personally think we should crucify anyone texting, talking on the cell phone, or is under the influence (while driving) to the freeway sound wall as an example. This all still has nothing to do ith pot o a cruise.

Cruise ships traveling internationally cannot allow banned substances on board.

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