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Default Please offer recommendations of line-ship that would be a good fit

Hello. I have never taken a cruise before and am considering taking one or two over the next few years. Basically I have two ideas of where I might want to , and would like advice about which line or ship would be a good fit. I've written sort of a lot, but it might make suggesting something easier. Thank you for reading.

I am 40, male, single and generally quiet. My preferences may be a little odd, but they are me.

As long as a room is not loud, dirty, or physically uncomfortable, I don't care if it is small or inside. I expect to be out on deck or in a public space a lot - though I am concerned about crowding of public facilities. Maybe I'm missing a key point here - but I pretty much use hotel rooms as places to sleep and shower.

I do not like heavy crowding that I cannot avoid.

I do like most jazz and classical music, lectures, art, running or walking around, swimming, dancing, learning things, looking at the stars, and yes, ping pong and shuffleboard - I played them on land as a kid. I have a tux and it would be cool to wear it - but being single I am wondering if I'll just be the odd man out at a venue full of couples. I don't care about stage shows.

As long as it is palatable and I don't have rude servers or have to wait a lot, I don't much care about food. While I do like an occasional drink, the wine and spirits are not important to me.

I like to relax and enjoy the sea air....unless I am at a destination with fantastic wildlife or natural scenery, such as mountains, glaciers, or live volcanoes.

I'll start with the easy destination first. It has nothing much to do with life on the ship and everything about getting a good view and access to nature.

1. Alaska. If I were to go on an Alaska cruise, my goal is up close contact with scenery and wildlife - whales, eagles, calving glaciers. Up close as possible. Great scenery. I'm not as interested in ship board life in this case and "roughing it" is just fine. I have not much interest in land excursions. Which line would you recommend in this case?

2. A cruise with days at sea on a ship that fits what I like to do (see above). For something short, I'd probably want to start and/or end in Southern California, to save money. For something longer, I'm willing to fly to embark or to return home. As a first timer, the dream of a trans-Atlantic trip may be a bit much - but it's appealing. Maybe short makes sense. Which options would you recommend?
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