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Originally Posted by Lakers Fan View Post
Its not just my new TA ,friends of ours just received an in mail rebate from their TA .

My wife just told me that she called the advertised phone number of an online travel company and was told that their company sends post cruise rebates .

Good deal for you and your friends (if the price was the same as the cruise line's were charging).

I'm sure some travel agency do break the rule. I am amazed any agency would admit it to anyone who just happens to call them. A sure way to get caught I'd think. Any travel agent could call, and then report them.

To be honest, if I were a travel agent, there's NO WAY I would take a chance on losing my ability to do business, just to rebate $25 or $50 to a customer!

I suppose there are always some exceptions... if it was a very long time client who booked 5 or 6 cruises a year, maybe... but otherwise the risk to their business is considerable.

Back when the rules allowed discounting, I would basically insist on it. Now that they're stricter, I'd feel bad putting an agent at risk too.

I'd rather negiotiate the allowable perks.

And... I've written articles in the past, how in fact, it was the travel agents themselves that initiated the cruise lines taking the action to put the "flat pricing" in place.

I warned then, that it hurt the consumer, and for TAs to be careful what they ask for. They gave the cruise lines a green light to attract more passengers to book directly with the cruise line. And that has happened!
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