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Originally Posted by Lakers Fan View Post

Would you like me to PM you with the names of the on line organizations that are including this as part of their advertisement ?
Not really of interest to me. If they are doing so, they are likely going to find themselves in hot water. I don't need to do be the one reporting them.

If they are giving rebates as high as you are implying, it won't matter, because they'll be broke soon.... so either way, they won't be selling cruises for too much longer.

I don't mind a travel agent making a living, and getting paid fair value for their work. As long as they are supplying great service, and the customer is getting fair treatment, value and pricing.

Years ago, all through school, I worked in a job based largely on commission. When I made sales, I expected to earn a reasonable amount for my work.

I still expect to be paid a reasonable amount for my work. Too bad CruiseMates doesn't think my work is worth that much
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