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Count Florida...

That is a very interesting asessment. I like Oceania ships a LOT and I would think that in the big picture what you get is worth paying a little more for Internet access - especially since you mentioned you are not really fans of the all-inclusive approach of the new Regent with Shore excursions, etc.

However, I see it is the principle more than the money with you. I am surprised to hear you can't use the penthouse laptop for anything without "logging on" - that is just dumb, and I am glad you brought your own laptop (as I would have done as well).

The article indicates that most people like all-inclusive even though they realize it is not a value proposition. I guess that only goes so far.

Have you tried Seabourn? It has a very reasonable Internet plan - I think you get unlimited access - but you pay something like $250/week. But still, it is very nice to be able to have all the Internet you want.
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