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Originally Posted by lhp View Post
We have been there many times, but the last time was last year.

I do not appreciate being tracked like an animal when trying to walk about the stores right there at the ship....and then being spat at when I ignore them.
^^ This happened in the port at MoBay last year?

On that cruise, there were 2 sisters in their 70's. They were telling me what they had planned and I felt ok when they said they were on a ship tour....since they had never traveled.

They stepped off the bus at one shopping opportunity and as they stepped off the vendor physically grabbed one sister and another vendor physically grabbed the other sister and started pulling them in opposite directions.

One of the just caught herself from falling (which at that age could have easily broken a hip).... they both broke free and immediately got back on the bus.

There is simply no excuse at all for physically grabbing someone....period.


Montego Bay (specifically) and Jamaica in general has a nasty reputation and they did not earn that from just a few folks offering tourists weed.
I agree they do have a bad reputation, just I haven't experienced any of that on my trips there. Our first trip there we were hesitant to even get off the ship but I'm glad we did. I really do enjoy Jamaica and I know others who do as well. I hate that the women experienced the bad things but you're from Memphis so you know that stuff could've happened there too and does on a daily basis.

loves to cruise!

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