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Default Northwest Passage

Next week the Hanseatic leaves from Nome, AK for Rekjavik through the Northwest Passage. Next year, the Hanseatic and sister ship Bremen will be doing Northwest Passage itineraries in opposite directions with a rendezvous in the middle. I am considering taking one of the Northwest Passage cruises but am uncertain of the "value." This itinerary has been on my bucket list for years; but it is expensive. Cheapest cabin on Hanseatic this year is over 18,000 euros per person; next year probably more.

Has anyone either cruised the Northwest Passage or spent time in the far northern portions of Canada? I know we used to have a cruisemate from Yellowknife but haven't heard of anyone that spent time with the Inuits.

If I see wonderful scenery AND wildlife; I think this could be worth it. If it is just for the history and some scenery and some birds with little wildlife; it won't be worth it. I had been planning on taking a cruise from Greenland to Churchill which is quite a bit cheaper and will definitely see Polar Bears and walrus; just don't know if Northwest Passage is really worth it.


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