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Default Thanks carnival!

Lets hope this will help curb those inconsiderate people who believe they "own" those deck chairs. If you look each day, it's usually the same people or same group of people.
If you should try to use an empty chair your snarled at and told that chair is "taken"!
I cruise a lot and I see this every time. I'm not a sun worshiper but would enjoy to use the deck chairs from time to time.
I tend to mellow out when on a cruise but these groups of "chair hogs"
are the same petty, self -impressed, entitled, hogs you see in the ships theatre.

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
Carnival's System to Stop Chair Hogs

by Paul Motter

Carnival just started a system to recover deck chairs from people who save them surreptitiously


"Hog" is pretty derogatory word, but "Chair Hog" is the term cruisers use for people who "reserve" deck chairs by going to the pool area in the early morning hours and placing a book on the best chair available.

Not a very nice word but it accurately reflects how regular cruisers feel about these people and apparently for good reason. Often these chair hogs have no intention of even using the chair until after lunch, and in some cases people report that they come along after the chair has been sitting empty for hours and they just pick up the property that was "holding" the chair and walk away.

The problem is one of identifying which chair is actually in use, and which one has merely been usurped. Typically, any deck chair containing any kind of property is regarded as "in use," but that is actually not true at all in far too many cases. And even though all cruise lines have a policy against "saving" chairs in such a manner, the rule is almost never enforced because there is no way an empty chair can tell you if it has been wrongfully usurped, or if the occupant is really just away for a short time.

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