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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
If the deck attendant spent all day calling out deck chair numbers I would go do trivia lol.

Why not just have an area where you can rent your chair for the day for $5-10 and other areas that are free? Rented chairs are red, they write your stateroom number on a piece of tape and you put it in the chair you like. You can rent your chair at 6am and not use it all day if you want, but every other chair not in use gets cleared frequently.
For part 1 -- there could be electronic "tickets" that communicate with each other so if the attendant pushed a button the widget the guest is holding would light up and the person would have to reply - he could reply by pointing it at a receiver ONLY in the pool area that reads whatever it puts out (RF, LED, whatever).

As far as renting chairs go - its not a bad idea but you would just get more nickel & diming claims. Its like having better seats for suite dwellers, people just don't like that. Plus, I am not sure it would solve the problem and that is what I am trying to do.
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