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Originally Posted by BigMac View Post
If you already have priority bording would this still get you on faster?
I ask becasue I booked the vista and that get me priority boarding. It may be worth the extra 50 to get my room right away and not have to truck my carry on around.
This "controlled capacity" will be added to your Security line at the door and then (supposedly) split off after Security to a separate line from the regular folks....while Platinum/Diamond still go to the VIP office.

It will be interesting to see if Carnival stops the people from exploiting the loophole where 1 cabin has a VIP in it and brings the other cabins along by putting them all on their credit card....and then going to Guest Services once they get on the ship and taking them off that one credit card.

AND folks who (in the past) got VIP Debark before they booked a flight before noon...

now that Carnival is charging for these things....will they still allow people to get them for free???

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