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Originally Posted by blueh2oman View Post
I think it is a big mistake by Royal not sending the tags. You could do as suggested here and make a copy and put it in packing tape and tape on at the port but the sticky ones they gave you were great and I used to use 3 at a time in case they pulled one off. I have tried to stick them onto the side of the suitcase but the nylon material on there is hard to stick anything. They should just send out generic ones and we can fill them out...just a thought. I have contacted RCCL and advised of my displeasure with this latest penny pinching of theirs. I am a seasoned cruiser and Diamond on RCCL.
You really shouldn't stick the luggage tags on the suitcase itself. You wrap them around the handle and then adhere them by touching "sticky side to sticky side." Just like an airline luggage tag.

With the self printed tags I use a cable tie through the luggage tag and then around the handle.

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