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My main complaint all along as been that Carnival has a history of NOT being able to manage things like this well....

and guess what....

I just posted the loophole on John's Facebook page that proves my point.

Currently at Carnival if ONE VIP wants to....they can bring as many NON VIP cabins with them that they want to...

how? All they have to do is secure the Sail and Sign cards of these extra cabins with their credit card.

EVERYONE secured under a credit card must check in together....
this kind of cheating in the VIP lounge has been going on for years.

Guess what....ONE cabin buys the F2F and now brings as many other cabins with them as they want to BECAUSE.....they have secured their Sail and Sign cards with the one credit card.

Then AFTER they have gotten the special embarkion....they go Guest Services and change their Sail and Sign accounts.....

So there is NO WAY Carnival can control the capacity of this new program...

now this is yet another example of Carnival NOT knowing what they are doing...

OR another example of Carnival knowing that what they are telling VIP folks is not true..... yet again!!

Sadly most of us know... it is probably the latter.....

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