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After 20 odd cruises with Carnival, I feel the Platinum status has been watered down to the point that it really means nothing to me and personally, I've about had it with them anyway.
I agree with BRIGUY--Arrive about 2, miss the crowd, get aboard and carry on about your business. Used to the platinum status was worth a little something , like getting aboard early, early debarkation, etc. Then they started the self-debarkation, which when mixing all that hoard in with the Platinum members, who were supposed to be first off, became a fiasco in itself.
The last few times I've been on Carnival, I just relax, let everyone else do the head long rush to get down to the disembarking deck, just to stand in a long line and shuffle forward a few feet at a time. I wait til it's all over, stroll off and go on my way.
Would I pay extra to get aboard first?? For exactly what? No way--I'm double Platinum , if there is such a thing so I could board " early " along with all those who will be paying to be first so I'd rather keep my money in my pocket and keep out of the crowd.
Personally, I think it's another way Carnival has found to rake in a fair amount of money from people who don't know any better. But, if it catches on, you can bet the other lines will have the same thing going within a few weeks or months at the most. What next--paying a premium to get off early ??
How long will it be until some joker comes knocking on your cabin door the last morning asking if he can drop his bags in your cabin while you hurriedly
dress and get ready to get out so he can have it ??
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