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I would love to hear more about this! Where does this go? What are you looking for in a companion?

I haven't been on a Bahamas cruise - all my cruises so far have been 7 night ones. I like NCL so would be game for this.

I am a SWF, but older than you! Love to cruise, have fun, explore, meet new people. I don't drink or smoke. My ideal day on a cruise is: get up around 9:00, have breakfast, walk around see what's happening, hang out at the pool enjoying listening to steel drums, talking with people. Lunch time - where to go - big decision for the day. swim some more, maybe take in a exercise class, enjoy being at sea. Dinner already?? get dressed for dinner, take in a show or shop the stores afterwards, after the show check out the casino, then off to sleep, yawn, another relaxing day on board a ship!

Day in port: like to get off early, grab a local cabbie and have them show me "their" island or maybe I have done research and have something in particular I want to do. Explore the port, depends on where it is. I am not a big shopper but will take in some, love outdoors and like things like: cave tubing, river rafting, snorkeling, jetskiing, walking - that kind of stuff

Send me an email, let's talk and see if this would be a match!
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