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Welcome to CruiseMates Huggybear...!! Can you give us your itinerary, so we can help you with port info?

1. we haven,t paid our gratuities up front but have been told by our virgin agent that these will be about 50 each, is this correct, is the gratuity also the same as the service charge or should we expect more to be added to our final bill?.

[I think now the gratuity is $12.00 pp per day.Nothing more as far as tips, will be added. Every time you buy a drink, the bill will have the gratuity included. so unless you feel like a server has been extra nice, no need for any more $.]
2.does any one know how much a wine package costs and what you get for this and is it worth it?.

[Wine is $7.00 bottle at home I think is now $24.00 so, if you
really enjoy wine daily consider the packages...Did you look to see if they show it on their website?]

3.are there plenty of sunbeds to go around, it seems such a vast ship we keep thinking its going to be really crowded.

[Sea days can be crowded and saving lounge chairs is common. If you are an early riser go out and enjoy being poolside early on..]

4.would be really grateful to anyone who can give us any worthy tips i.e best restaurant, best times to eat, and also places to go when in port without spending a fortune.

[I loved Shanghai,and the Noodle Bar,and the name escapes me, but, the Italian venue is delicious as well. You can pretty much select your dining time when you want..Have you already reserved any? Your sail date opened up, for reservations a while ago.]

[Don't miss Blue Man can drop off any extraneous luggage at the comedy club when you board, so you won't have to carry it around, till your cabin opens up at 2:00 approx...make sure all your meds and valuables are in your carry on, which you don't leave there..]

Let us know what ports you are visiting,and we will chat again.

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