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Originally Posted by huggybear View Post
hi to all
my husband and i going on our first cruise on the 9th sept on the epic, we are quite excited but also a bit anxious, wondered if any of you seasoned cruisers could answer a few questions for us?
1. we haven,t paid our gratuities up front but have been told by our virgin agent that these will be about 50 each, is this correct, is the gratuity also the same as the service charge or should we expect more to be added to our final bill?.
2.does any one know how much a wine package costs and what you get for this and is it worth it?.
3.are there plenty of sunbeds to go around, it seems such a vast ship we keep thinking its going to be really crowded.
4.would be really grateful to anyone who can give us any worthy tips i.e best restaurant, best times to eat, and also places to go when in port without spending a fortune.
thanks to all look forward to hearing from you x
1. Your gratuity "Is" the Service Charge. The cost will be around 8 pounds ($12) per person/per day. No additional charge, other than the Service Charge, will be added to your final bill.

2. You can buy a wine-package once you board. There will be tables that are selling the packages. Just remember that the prices will be similar to restaurant prices and not retail.

3. There are sunbeds and I would grab one early if you want the best choice. I mean get out there early and not just stick a book or shoe on one and come back four hours later.

4. You will have a huge variety of dining options. Some are included and some are additional charge. I would add $100 to your cruise budget and try Moderno (Brazilian style Chuhasscaria.) Noodles (Chinese/Asian), Italian restaurant. Also make your reservations early for Blue Man Group and the Legends in Concert shows. The shows are no additional charge but you do need to make reservations.

Also: O'Sheehan's is a great place for breakfast or lunch if you want something different than the buffet. There is no additional charge for this venue and I found the food to be very good.

Have a great time on Epic and enjoy the cruise.

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