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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
I'm sure they have it. Double check spelling and birth dates.
The e-mail they sent they wanted a copy of my card, payment or booking #. I did have the booking # from the 2011 cruise but nothing from 1998 & 2009; however I was looking at cruises on Carnival website than later on that evening I received a call and than an e-mail from the Carnival cruise planner I had talked with over the past few years. I had told him what was going on and he said let me get back to you, five minutes later he had all my past sailings. I now have a copy of them that I printed out. Really funny my first cruise was 4 days, 2nd 5 days and 3rd a six days and my next will be a 7 day!

I did do a RC in-between these. Not sure how the program works so I’ll have to read up on it and see if the short cruises even matter it was just the point of them telling me they had no record of them.
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