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Originally Posted by devilsadvocate View Post
Yesterday, a person drove over a bunch of cop cars in Maine with a tractor?
He was apparently angry about a marijuana possession charge. Now who is going to pay for the damage he caused? Is the reason for his activity is the law, temporary insanity, or just an anger management problem.

Law is the reason the US supposedly is a civilized society. Freedoom of speech is another reason. If you keep sweeping an issue under the rug because you are tired of beating a dead horse or cutting off a thread or moving the thread what are you doing - is this censorship? Yes the editor does have the bully pulpit - he or she can do what they want- but I thought that the reason for Chit Chat was discussion of subjects that didn't fit other categories. People who don't care for the thread can go off cruising, and leave problems behind. Right? Make sure you lock the doors before you leave.
That would be Newport, Vermont

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