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Originally Posted by ToddDH View Post

Probably well overover 90 percent of the people on this Board know where I stand on this subject. I am against pot smoking, always have been and always shall be at least for recreational purposes. But I try my damndest to disagree without being disaqgreeable.

Nonetheless, I know I'm not going to change anyone's mind nor are they mine. The intention of my post was very simple. To my way of thinking, this subject has been debated with the use of the writer's justification for his/her belief from what at least appears to be every angle of which I can even think. If others wish to continue the thread then fine and dandy. It's jus that I personally can't think of another point regardless of whichever side of the fence one sits.

Hope you have a Cadillac of a weekend!

That's the only reason I wrote my post.
Hey Todd you need to cruise with us! Why do you think we need the balcony
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