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The ones that are done off the back of the boat are relatively safe because they just "reel" you in. I did the crazy one back in the day...before there were laws..Right off the beach..Where they strap you on at the beach and you run with knees bent off the beach (boat is far out in water and line is very very very long so you go extremely high up). Then for landing, you had to pull down on a certain rope in a certain way to position yourself for landing. You do that wrong and you could land into the side of a hotel or a volleyball I did that several times in Cancun in the late 80's and early 90's. I must have been a wee bit crazy...But it was a blast!! The ones off the back of the boat to me..are very Mickey Mouse..Do not go up very high at all and require no skill or agility..So I think you are preeetty
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