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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
I was told that they alter the odds during the cruise, you are less likely to win as the cruise progresses....
That is a "Cruise Myth". The machines are standalone and not connected to a server or programmable from outside the machine. The only way to change the "odds" on a machine is to change the EPROM chip in the machine. It is programmed for XX% payout. I know this does happen from time to time but it isn't something they do on a regular basis. It usually happens when word gets out that one machine has a higher payout. They will swap EPROMS from that machine to another. Also, if a casino says that their machines payout 94%, that's great, but that is the "average". You can have one machine paying out 99% and another paying out at 89% and still average 94%. The 99% is going to be in a bad location.

You hear about more wins at the end of the cruise because they announce them to get more business. On Carnival Breeze they were announcing "Mrs. X won $240" on the Hoity Toity Slots. I really just remember the $240 because, to me, that isn't announcement worthy.

Me: I stick with Blackjack. However, the cruise lines now have auto-shuffle machines and "gimmick games" that weigh the odds more in the house's favor. In a regular, six deck shoe, Blackjack game the odds are about 97 - 98% payback. That's if you play by the book and start with 20X the table minimum. Some of the new games like "Fun 21" make the payout around 92%. Not too fun.

I also like a fun table and will leave if there are grumpy players or dealer. Or people who just play dumb. Like splitting tens and faces or hitting on 17. On the Carnival Breeze one person was doing that with the dealer showing a face card. I know that with an eight deck, auto shuffler, it makes little difference to the odds but it just bugs me. I also don't like it when someone sets down at a smoking table, which there are very few anymore, and then complains about the smoke.

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