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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Ok, so one of my talents is not with computers, so I'm asking all you smarty pants..!

With my new netbook, I don't seem to have, what I'll call auto entry,as I enter an address, that I have entered many times before, as I did on my old one, it doesn't recognive it,and fill it in.

Maybe this is not an option on this Acer Aspire? Is there a program I can download?

Ohhhhh, Mikeeee

You may want to check that you have auto complete enabled. To do this click on the "gear" icon at the top right of you browser screen. Choose "Internet Options" and then choose the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down and make sure the box next to "Use Inline Autocomplete in the Internet Explorer Address Bar and Open Dialog." If the box is not checked, check it.

Hope that helps.
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