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Originally Posted by rollerdonna View Post
Sorry, can't help you with yur computer question Trip, but I have one of my own...
I have been locked out of says "someone may be using your account" which I take it means I've been hacked.
Microsoft asks a whole bunch of personal questions to guarantee you are the owner of the account, but at the end they want to know who you sent the last e-mails to, and the # of your X-box LIve account. I don't remember who I sent e-mails to and can't recover their addresses, nor do I have an X-box Live account, so it won't process any further.
Any suggestions?



Microsoft has just transformed Hotmail into This is likely causing your problem. It is needing your Windows Live account password to migrate your information.

Here is the MS site about If you click on the "help" menu item it will take you to a page that might solve your problem. Good luck.

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