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Hi GAO 2.0 !
I’ve not worked in this position so not 100% sure but I believe it’s roughly like this:
On Princess:
Job name : Practica Cabin Status: Single Cabin (can be inside or outside depending on the ship)
One Stripe Officer I believe the pay is about $2500 per month, six months on one month off, (unpaid leave).
They have an assistant called a hotel secretary which is a half stripe position & carries out many of the admin tasks, leaving the Practica to handle visa issues, customs issues & customer complaints etc.
On Oceania / Regent (Prestige Cruise Holdings):
Job name : 2nd Purser Cabin Status: Shared Cabin (usually inside)
Two Stripe Officer I believe the pay is about $2800 - $2900 per month, four months on two months off, (unpaid leave, but you get a 10% vacation pay bonus on completion of contract & $500 bonus if you are on-board over the Christmas period).
They can usually get assistance when required from the Assistant Purser / Reception team. They deal primarily with administration issues, customer complaints are handled by the Concierge position under normal circumstances or though you may be called to assist in that area during busy times.
Hope the info is of use!
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