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Originally Posted by OKGIRL View Post
I had heard somewhere that traditional open seating breakfast would continue to be served in the forward dining room. If that's true then I don't consider this a cut back, but if the traditional breakfast is not offered then I do think this is a cut back.

I'm an early riser and I don't like to eat at the buffet, so it would be hard for me to have to wait until 9 or after to get a regular breakfast.

I am like you....we eat breakfast at 8AM in the Main Dining Room and then go back for lunch at noon....

I had not heard about them still offering the traditional in one of the dining rooms.

In fact, I have my doubts that having both (punchliner and traditional) will work ...

since they are going to be trying to feed an entire ship (that normally takes both dining rooms and TWO seatings) in ONE seating in ONE dining room???

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