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Default Boston-Quebec City @ 399$ Sept 21 (good for fall colors)


I am Julie, a 33-yo white female from the Quebec City area. Due to the great deal on this NCL cruise (518$ tx included), I might be interested. However, I have to admit that I would first need to check with my boss if I could take this extra week of vacations without pay. But there is no point for me to check that if I can't find a roomate.

I am a gold Lattitudes member so you would get some perks when sharing a stateroom with me.

I am looking for a female roomate (female only because I have a boyfriend but he doesn't like to cruise). Age and origin doesn't matter; all I request is someone who is respectful (keeping the noise level low while the other is sleeping, keeping the room tidy and no visitor in the room). Of course, I will offer the same respect to you and your belongings.

If we have affinities, we can share some activities or meals but I don't want to feel any obligation (and you shouldn't feel any obligation either).

I also know most ports quite well so I could show you around or at least give you some tips.
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