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Default Update - August 20

Hey Everyone,

I am cruising out of New Orleans Aug 25th, 5 days from now. This is my 10th cruise so i assumed I would be Platinum. I am Platinum now but it took a little work and a few phone calls to be honest.

There seems to be some glitch in the computer system if you are grandfathered in and do not have 75 points under the new program. I booked the cruise and paid in full. All of my cruise docs said Gold, My account said Gold, etc. Etc.

After calling 2 different departments, I finally got in with of all departments tech support. They looked at the cruise history and said they submitted me as Platinum and to check back in 24 hours.

I did check back in 24 hours and it still showed Gold. I them went to look at the luggage tags and boarding passes again and sure enough all said VIP and it listed me as Platinum on Boarding pass now.

So, I believe it is on the 10th sailing not after but be prepared to work for it a little, not that you should have to, just reporting what I have found today.
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