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Hi, its been awhile since I posted this question, thanks for your replys. If its gonna cost more to single share with HAL, then whats the point?

As for the whole roomsharing thing in general... as of this posting I have roomshared with strangers I met an talked to intensively from this sites ads approx. 10 times. only 1 was female. I have had really great experiences so far. Cruised with one guy 3 times, couple guys 2 times, have 2 btb cruises planned with another I went with once already, and would travel with ANY of my former cruisemates again!

Yes there have been little glitches, but adults discuss and work those things out.

From my perspective, I think its absolutely key to communicate fully an to be respectful and considerate of each other. ASK important questions and let your views be known. These were NOT dates, but likeminded travelers who wanted to save money an go more often. I may get a bad egg, but so far I have had good roomies. And my travel companion pool has expanded quite a bit because of my open mind and willingness to compromise.

This Cruisemates site's ads has been a great help, AND has allowed me to cruise way more than I possibly could solo!

Thanks for everyones input here!
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