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Default Most ridiculous Cruise Ship Law Suits

Talent show 'cougar' gibe triggers $1m suit against cruise ship

This woman does a Tina Turner rendition in a talent show. Now she is suing the cruise line for the comments made by the judging panel after her performance - asking for $1,000,000.

What kind of ambulance chasing lawyer would even take a case like this - seriously?

First she sings the song, and then the panel comments. She claims one of them (the cruise director) called her a "cougar" and said it was inappropriate to say he could see her knickers.

Well - what he said was "you may be dressed like a leopard but to me you appear like a ....... tiger."

But while he paused she shouted out "a cougar?" - She said the word first - all he did was agree with her by saying "Um, yes, a cougar."

Secondly, I have been a stage manager and I can tell you certain lights will definitely bring out undergarments - you get the "black light" effect when you use deep blue stage lights, and very often underwear and bras will shine right through a lady's clothes. But I could not see them on the video, so I assume the lighting person quickly corrected the effect as soon as he saw it.
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