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In all honesty, I had a dinner in the main dining room I was not impressed with - although our table was usually nice. I did not feel crowded.

My meal was a limp Caesar salad where they forgot the anchovies. Now this sounds petty but when I mentioned it the waiter said "they are by request" - well, I know for a fact the menu says it comes with them, they are not "by request." I really dislike things like that - if it is by request tell me in the menu or when I order, but don't bring me something different from what the menu says and then act as if it was my responsibility after the fact to get it right in the first place.

The main course was an overly salted fish - far too spicy for a regular palate, clearly a mistake.

I don't like to nitpick, I'm just saying what I encountered. But the Pinnacle grill made up for it. I also had a good meal in the dining room a couple of times - lamb chops. I suggest sticking to the basics.
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