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Thank you all for the advice. I think we are going with the Marriott. My daughter works at a Marriott and we get a discount. After looking at the prices of the motels I am having trouble paying more for two nights in a NY motel than the cruise costs.

We are in an interesting situation. I am the director for a camp and conference center in CO. We had 15 structures burn in the High Park Fire. As bad as that sounds, most of them were unnecessary for the operation of the facility. However, we are closed this year as we cleanup and recover.

Although that all sounds terrible it is not! It has turned out that after the insurance pays for the structures we lost we will be able to build a new and different building to replace the lodging and meeting space we lost. We have been wanting to build this for a long time, but never had the bucks - we will now.

In addition, my wife and I lost some of our stuff we had stored in one of the buildings that burnt. It turned out to be about $9,000 worth of loss. We will never miss the stuff we lost, that is why it was in storage. So....

I can actually take a significant block of time off at a time I never could if we were open AND we have the bucks to do a B2B cruise. It is amazing how things can turn out for the good. We are fortunate.
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