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Default Carnival settle out of Court for Irish Jokes

Hi All

Apologies if you already know this but the Carnival brand P&O has made an out of court settlement to an Irishman for offence caused by a comedian on board one of their ships.

It is rumoured the settlement is 10000 (approx $15000).

The story:

A holidaymaker has received a payout after claiming he suffered racial harassment from two cruise comedians who told Irish jokes.

John Wolfe, from Dublin, settled out of court with Carnival - owner of P&O Cruises - after bringing a civil claim against the company.

He first made a complaint back in 2007 when two comedians told anti-Irish jokes during a worldwide cruise on the Oriana with his wife Joan. According to the Metro, jokes told included things like: "What's an Irishman with half a brain? Gifted!"

The 74-year-old was offered 1,000 vouchers and allegedly assured by Carnival that similar jokes would be banned, but was disheartened to hear the same kind of material on another cruise a year later, when he visited the Caribbean on board the Artemis.

According to the Metro, he said: "They can't tell them about Jews, blacks or Muslims but Paddy is OK,' said Mr Wolfe. 'This must be stopped."

According to the Guardian, Mr Wolfe brought a civil claim against Carnival Plc under race relations legislation as well as the European Union's race directive - a ruling which sets out the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin.

A case was due to be heard at the Manchester Civil Justice centre, but it was settled out of court, and it is believed Mr Wolfe received a five-figure sum, while the claim that he had been a victim of racial discrimination was struck out by the court.

At a hearing in May, Carnival argued that as the comedians were employed by a sub-contractor, and not directly by them, it was not responsible for the jokes. A judge said the case centred on whether Carnival were "vicariously liable" for the comedians.

A P&O spokesperson told the Guardian: "We can confirm that this case has been resolved amicably out of court to the satisfaction of both parties."

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