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We are just off the Fascination yesterday. My son and husband found the food disappointing. They are a bit ....... choosey. We all enjoyed the lobster and shrimp. I also enjoyed the shrimp cocktail and the salmon. Everyone loved the melting chocolate cake. My son (19) was very disappointed when the head waiter told us that the steak was not very good and did not recommend that we order it. the pizza was plentiful but almost entirely without sauce... We sailed on the Paradise in 04 and found this food very much like that. It LOOKED really good, but lacked taste. The desserts (except that melting cake) had an odd taste (especially anything chocolate). We sailed the Inspiration in 06 and found that food to be much better.... don't misunderstand. There were lots of choices and we could always find something, there just wasn't much that was really good. Course, we still had a GREAT time!! even mediocre food is better on a cruise
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