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Default Voodoo tours in Caribbean especially Haiti

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I just saw this...

I have seen shops in the Caribbean devoted to voodoo - just as I have seen them in New York City.

I believe voodoo originated in Haiti which is a pretty insular culture. You may find some shops in the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico with voodoo candles and other icons.

But if you think you are going to see people doing voodoo rituals in the Caribbean, especially during the daylight hours when the cruise tourists are there - probably not going to happen.
Paul thank you for this information about the voodoo shops, I can't believe that some enterprising Haitian has not set up a voodoo tour even if it is during the day so that they can catch the cruise crowd.

I remember an old movie where the bus tour was of China Town and they
visited an opium den and some other places. After the tourists were gone the
characters turned from mean tong members to majong and card playing characters. In other words it was just a show put on for the tourists. The same could be done for the tourists. I could see tourists coming back carrying their voodoo dolls as souveniers and showing blood spots to other cruisemates from when the rooster had its throat cut. This tour would be a sell out. What do you think?

P.S. I was very disappointed in San Francisco China Town. It had good points but I never saw the tong gang members. Almost got burned when the waiter
tipped over a heating tray and the liquid fire jel spread.
P.S.S. Merced thanks for your inputs and pics. Very much appreciated.
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