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Default New Policy: Political Discussions Moved to New Space

Chit-chat will no longer allow political discussions of any kind - we have a new forum for them called "Open Debate" where you can go to discuss political issues.

Although we do not have the same problem with Religious issues, because it is an area where people can become seriously divided we have also decided that if you want to discuss a religious issue it cannot be done here in Chit-Chat - you must hold that discussion in Open Debate.

Importantly - this also does NOT mean that the Open Debate area is a "free for all" where you can say anything. It has the same rules for respect of other members as we have in all of our other boards. No personal insults or negativity towards any group of people (stereotyping, racism) will be tolerated.

The reason we have done this is that we feel Chit-chat has become dominated by politics - and with the upcoming election season it is only going to get worse. We find people are not open to considering other opinions for the most part - so these "discussion" almost invariably end up as arguments. We don't want that in our Chit-chat section.

Feel free discuss any other topic here: money management, rasing your kids, caring for your parents, great vacation experiences, job issues, school issues, health and well-being, etc....

We now have a point system to give infractons:

Violation Points Expires
Signature Rule Violation 1 12 Months
Inappropriate Language 1 12 Months
Direct Attack or Insult 2 12 Months
Disruptive Arguing 2 12 Months
Discussing Politics Outside of Open Debate 2 12 Months
Insulting or arguing with Moderator 3 12 Months
Threatening or Demeaning other Poster 5 12 Months
advertising within posts 5 12 Months
Spammed Advertisements 30 Never

And here is the corresponding list of ban periods:

6 Points 7 Days
12 Points 2 Weeks
18 Points 1 Months
25 Points 6 Months
30 Points Permanent
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